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SpeedFace-H5 facial scanner / reader is a new Facial Recognition Terminal with Enhanced Visible Light Facial Recognition with Deep Learning built-in. The recognition distance has been greatly extended up to 3 meters long, which significantly improves maximum traffic rate. While most of algorithms only support 15-degree angle facial recognition, supports 30-degree angle facial recognition. Speedface facial scanner / reader has features such as Enhanced Visible Light Facial Recognitoin with Deep Learning built-in, 3-in-1 verification with Fingerprint, RFID and Facial Recognition, 5-inch touch LCD, Dual-camera for real-time face detection, 6,000 face template capacity, Recognition distance: 0.3 - 3 m, Compatible with external RS232, RS485 and Wiegand reader, and TCP / IP, Wi-Fi communication

Fingerprint Reader - F707 Fingerprint Reader Product Descriptions

One touch, that's all it takes for access control with F707 biometric fingerprint reader that offers the flexibility to be installed as a standalone device or with any third party panel that supports 26-bit Wiegand. Fast and reliable performance combined with affordability gives these fingerprint readers the competitive edge. Using the fastest fingerprint-matching algorithm in the industry.

TAS provides unparalleled precision and speed at less than half the cost of competing vendors. Each fingerprint reader has the capacity to store up to 2,200 fingerprint templates and 50,000 transactions. Enrolling users is fast and easy, since most of our fingerprint readers have a user-friendly keypad and display. Managing our fingerprint readers is also simple. All our fingerprint readers are easily accessed through a TCP/IP or serial port, with the ability to automatically update and synchronize when networked together

We offer fingerprint products for access control and time attendance solution. Our fingerprint reader products range from:

Fingerprint reader F6, fingerprint reader ma300, Fingerprint reader F7, Fingerprint reader F707, fingerprint reader f708, fingerprint reader f16 ,fingerprint reader f17, fingerprint reader f18, fingerprint reader ma500, fingerprint reader f17 and Fingerprint reader X7



  • SpeedFace -H5 facial recognition
  • SpeedFace -H5 facial recognition
  • SpeedFace -H5 facial recognition

Facial recognition system


3-in-1 Starter Facial Recognition Terminal with 5-inch Touch Display.


  • Enhanced Visible Light Facial Recognition with Deep Learning built-in.
  • 3-in-1 verification with Fingerprint, RFID and Facial Recognition.
  • 5-inch touch LCD.
  • Dual-camera for real-time face detection.
  • 6,000 face template capacity.
  • Recognition distance: 0.3 - 3 m.
  • Compatible with external RS232, RS485 and Wiegand reader.
  • TCP / IP, Wi-Fi communication.


Model SpeedFace-H5
Hardware LCD 5-inch touch screen
CPU Quad-core A17 1.8GHz
Memory 2G RAM / 16G ROM
Camera 2MP dual lens
Communication TCP / IP, Wi-Fi (optional)
RS232, RS485 for external reader Wiegand Input/Output
Accessory Door lock, door sensor, alarm, exit button and auxiliary input
Audio Loudspeaker
Capacity Users 10,000
Face Template 6,000
Fingerprint 10,000
RFID 10,000
Log 200,000
Operating Voltage 12V 3A
Temperature -10°C ~ 45°C
Humidity 10% ~ 90%
Software ZKBioAccess


Facial Recognition System

Time Access and Automotive Systems range of biometric solutions includes a series facial scanner. Our latest biometric facial recognition scanner provides improved mapping of a person's facial features when identifying someone using video or still image. Biometric facial readers can be used in a wide variety applications where a non contact biometric solution is required. Technology in recent years that's become increasingly popular for use in time and attendance systems for verifying employee attendance at the workplace. Non contact usage by the user, makes this the ideal biometric solution for the food industry, or where hygiene is of utmost importance. Our facetime system uses several techniques for improved accuracy when mapping a person's face. The first generation of facial readers used the 2D method, which only measured the distances between various points on a person's face. Later replaced by the 3D method operating very much like the hand scanner geometry system, it now measures facial contours as well as distances between facial features. More cleverly, the latest method we use also involves skin texture analysis by looking at spots and blemishes etc. TAS new FT series biometric facial reader uses a combination of all these methods for even better performance and reliability.



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