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Tachometers electronic_with LCD hourmeter

Tachometers - Electric with LCD hourmeter

Our Electric Tachometer is Suitable for most petrol and diesel engines. Adjustable through LCD and reset button. Filed programmable to 1,2,3,4,5,6,8 or 12cyl./4 stroke, 1,2,3 or 4 cyl./2-stroke ignition and alternator pick-up ("W" terminal). Also suitable for signal from generator or inductive sender unit. Incorporated hourmeter shows true engine hours.
Operating hours 99,999.9. Pulse range 0.5-200 pulses per rev. Illumination 12V included.
For 24V application use globe 999-065-002(2 required).
For matching speed sensors/senders.
Part no.   Range   O   Voltage
333-035-010G   3000rpm   80mm   12/24V
333-035-011G   4000rpm   80mm   12/24V
333-035-014C   6000rpm   80mm   12/24V
333-035-002G   3000rpm   100mm   12/24V
Tachometers electronic

Tachometers - Electronic

Our Electronic Tachometer is Suitable for most petrol and diesel engines. Field programmable to suit 4, 6, or 8 cyl./4 strong ignition and alternator pick-up (Terminal "W"). For 24V application use globe 999-065-002(2 required)

Part no.   Range   O   Voltage
333-035-017G   6000rpm   52mm   12V
333-035-018G   8000rpm   52mm   12V
333-035-001G   3000rpm   80mm   12V
333-035-002C   4000rpm   80mm   12V
333-035-003C   7000rpm   80mm   12V
333-035-022C   10000rpm   80mm   12V
333-055-001G   3000rpm   100mm   12V
333-045-001G   3000rpm   80mm   24V
333-045-002C   4000rpm   80mm   24V


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