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For years, since the introduction of Computer services TAS has grown from strength to strength in providing the highest quality of service to organisations large and small.
TAS offers a range of quality, cost-effective products, business solutions, management services and infrastructure support services to the corporate and public sector based on the deployment of modern, leading edge technologies. Management has recognized the need to establish partnerships with leading technology vendors and key role players in the Information and Technology industry in order to deliver value to our customers.
TAS is a company that endeavours to deliver to our customers, integrated innovative solutions and products; management and infrastructure support services; and niche market applications through the use of experienced and skilled resources.
Our services include but are not restricted to the following:



Computer Repairs

As a matter of fact, your computer is the main hub of your digital world. Of course if your computer is not working properly you can't work or play! TAS is here to help you with all computer repair services and also any computer related problems. Furthermore, our technicians are highly trained and provide professional, high-quality computer service at affordable prices.
Our goal is always to repair your computer with attention to have it running again like it was new. With this in mind, bring your computer to TAS to get a professional diagnosis now.
We are a true nationwide provider of PC Computer repair support, Laptop professional repair. PC Computers and laptop repair service have repaired PC and Laptops for customers all over South Africa including Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Kimberly, Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth, Polokwane, Pietermaritzburg and Nelspruit plus many other South African cities.


Computer networking

In computer networking, a network service is an application running at the network application layer and above, that provides data storage, manipulation, presentation, communication or other capability which is often implemented using a client-server or peer-to-peer architecture based on application layer network protocols.
Each service is usually provided by a server component running on one or more computers (often a dedicated server computer offering multiple services) and accessed via a network by client components running on other devices. However, the client and server components can both be run on the same machine.

Website Design and developoment

Our team of in-house developers implement the custom features you need to have a great site. As a marketing tool, every website is different and the features should be carefully planned to reach your goals. In tandem with our great UX design, our development does just that. Every time.

All of our website development is carefully built to consider mobile and tablet views. With over 50% of all website views happening on smartphones, it is incredibly important that websites are adaptive. If you aren't convinced, simply resize your browser now!

As a business owner or marketing manager, you can spend your time better than uploading new content or changing your website. Our team offers great solutions for monthly management of your website - saving you time and money.

search engine optimasation - SEO

Google processes 3.5 billion searches per day, so you can be sure that someone is looking for your services. A well designed Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaign helps you benefit from these searches, which your competition may be getting.

Why do I need Search Engine Optimisation?

  • Online Marketing is the key to your website success on the internet.
  • 85% of people don’t go past the first page of Google searches
  • Your paid search quality score will likely improve (Thus paying less with CPC campaigns)
  • A lot of people type your URL into the search box of Google to get to your site. So, if you are not on Google they will think you do not exist!

Please set up a free consultation with one of our SEO Specialists to review your site and show you ways to improve your online visibility in search engines. After our consultation, we will explain the different professional SEO services and plans available that will fit your needs and your budget.

Once you have chosen your Search Engine Optimisation plan we will dedicate a team to work on your project.

Organic SEO can be a great source of inexpensive leads. Professional Search Engine Optimisation is a very complex science requiring years of experimenting to master.

We have a great understanding of Search Engine Optimisation and would like you to benefit from this.

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