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Operating Instructions For Electronic Speedometer


1)  Press and hold “Trip” button
2)  Switch on ignition and start vehicle 
3)  Speedo will alternate between the following :                                                     
a) Pulse
b) Auto Cal
c) Adjust
4)  When “Auto Cal “is displayed on speedo release  “Trip “  button
5)  Move to the start of 1 km test track
6)  Push  “Trip“  button once.  “Start” will be displayed on speedo
7)  Move to the end of 1 km Test Track and stop on mark
8) Push  “Trip “button once work and turn then turn off ignition to start calibration .

NB : “Error “ displayed on speedo – there was a problem  with the signal.



2. Speedometer Operation


Briefly pushing the button alternates the total distance displays (e.g '99910.9') with the partial distance displays (e.g 't 176.8').

The total distance function counts the total mileage in kilometers or miles up to 999999.9 max.. This display cannot be reset.

The partial distance function counts the mileage in kilometers or miles up to 't9999.9'. This displays is reset to 't0.0' by pushing the button (for 2 seconds approximately).

Pushing the button for 2 seconds when total distance is displayed will also reset the partial distance to 't0.0'.

Trip and total distance remain stored after the opening voltage is switched off.  

3. Speed Display




When ignition is switched off, the pointer remains at the last speed indicated, until the ignition is switched on again, without starting the engine, the pointer will then return to the zero position.



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